We’ve written before on hazardous cannabis waste and what you need to know. What about non-hazardous cannabis waste? Do you know what qualifies? We’ll begin with setting a framework of what non-hazardous cannabis waste is and then follow-up with some tips and methods to handle it properly.

What qualifies as non-hazardous cannabis waste? Non-hazardous cannabis waste can be separated into two categories: plant waste and non-plant waste:

Best Tips And Methods To Handle Non-Hazardous Cannabis Waste

Non-hazardous cannabis waste


A Few Tips and Methods of Proper Handling


1. Do not comingle hazardous and non-hazardous cannabis waste.

2. Don’t forget that certain non-plant waste also contains universal waste elements (like Lithium-ion batteries). Please separate those elements.

3. Do have your non-hazardous waste in a secure area.

4. Do consider sustainable disposal practices, such as composting, for your plant waste.

5. Don’t forget to track your waste.


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