Wastewater Assessment

GAIACA utilizes a network of analytical labs throughout the country to ensure quick and accurate results for all waste water analysis. Upon analysis we create a sustainable waste water recycling program tailored specifically to your results and location.


  • Identification of water source, discharge, or diversion points.
  • Visual assessment of wastewater from industrial or commercial processes (i.e. run-off, irrigation, hydroponic, rinse, cleaning, clean-out, reverse osmosis, pre- and post-treatment, etc.).
  • Assistance with wastewater collection and storage methods.
  • Analytical assessment via sampling for residual chlorine, perchlorate, heavy metals, coliforms, pH, conduct, BOD, etc.
  • Collection and disposal of unwanted or contaminated water, not suitable for sanitary sewer. Depending upon contaminants present, water may be managed as hazardous waste.
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