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What is the difference between cannabis byproduct and cannabis waste?

According to California State Regulation, cannabis waste is defined as waste that is not hazardous and that contains cannabis that has been made “unusable and unrecognizable”. Unrendered “waste” is still a cannabis byproduct or product. Additionally, any ancillary tools for manufacturing (i.e. wax papers, gloves, lab utensils, etc.) that have the residue of THC or Cannabinoids are considered cannabis by-product.

Do I need a Waste Management Plan?

Yes, any operator planning to conduct commercial cannabis activities need to have a waste management plan. The waste management plan needs to properly address how cannabis products will be converted into cannabis waste and proper disposal [BCC Regulations, § 5002 (29, E, i)].

Do cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and distributors need a waste management plan?

Yes, any commercial cannabis operator, whether Adult and/or Medicinal Use for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, testing labs, micro-businesses, and event planners all need to have a waste management plan to obtain a State License to conduct commercial cannabis activities.

How often do I need to dispose of my cannabis byproduct?

It is recommended that any cannabis byproduct set aside to be rendered into cannabis waste be serviced when the containers are filled up. It is a best practice that filled containers should be picked up and removed from the site within seven days.

Can I schedule individual pickups?

GAIACA offers very flexible services for clients of all sizes. GAIACA services can be individual pickups or scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly pickups. We also work closely with the State to properly dispose of failed testing cannabis products.

Can I throw my cannabis byproduct into the standard trash receptacle?

No, an operator cannot throw cannabis byproduct into conventional trash receptacles as this is not compliant with State Regulations. Cannabis byproduct must be managed by a licensed cannabis waste management company (Type-11 License) or rendered into cannabis waste before being disposed of.

Do ancillary tools for manufacturing (i.e. wax papers, gloves, lab utensils, etc.) that have cannabis residue need to be properly managed?

Yes, any ancillary tools that have residues of THC are considered cannabis byproducts. All cannabis byproduct must be handled by a properly licensed cannabis waste management company, or first rendered into cannabis waste prior to being disposed of.

Does cannabis waste need to be track and traced?

Yes, all cannabis waste needs to be track and traced with the State’s track and trace system and properly documented [BCC Regulations: § 5049. Track and Trace Reporting (6)].

Does cannabis waste need to be treated prior to disposal?

Cannabis waste is any non-hazardous cannabis byproduct that has been made “unusable and unrecognizable”. If cannabis byproduct has been properly rendered into cannabis waste, then the cannabis waste does not need further treatment prior to disposal.

Can anyone handle and render cannabis byproduct?

No, only a properly licensed cannabis operator can render the cannabis byproduct into cannabis waste.

Can anyone handle cannabis waste?

Only after the cannabis byproduct has been rendered “unusable and unrecognizable” as cannabis waste can the waste can then be handled by any licensed hauler (as the cannabis waste is no longer considered cannabis byproduct).

Will signing up with Gaiaca help me be compliant with cannabis waste regulations?

Yes, Gaiaca is a properly licensed cannabis waste management company and can help any operator who already conducts commercial cannabis activities, or plan to obtain a cannabis license, be compliant with all local and state regulations as it pertains to proper cannabis waste management. This includes providing a waste management plan, tracking and tracing, cannabis waste management, and proof of cannabis waste disposal compliance.

What are the benefits of signing up with GAIACA?

GAIACA is California’s first properly licensed cannabis waste management company that can conduct and service all cannabis pickup and rendering on behalf of operators. This allows operators to focus on what they do best in producing cannabis products, relieving any liability and responsibilities in addressing cannabis waste.