Soil Assessment

Plant health starts with the soil. Our network of environmental consultants and analytical labs are available to help diagnose and treat any concerns you may have with your soil quality.


  • Visual assessment of soil and/or other grow medium (natural fiber, plant material, synthetic, rock wool, etc.), and any amendments, fertilizers, or supplements used.
  • Analytical assessment via sampling for residual pesticides/fertilizers, heavy metals, microbial, nutrient levels, pH, etc.
  • Soil remediation. Physically, chemically, or biologically remove contaminants to purify and revitalize soil.
  • New soil blending. Adding of desirable materials to amend soil for use. Materials used include, but are not limited to, compost, humus, manure, mulch, vermiculite, micro- and macro-nutrients.
  • Collection and disposal of unwanted or contaminated soil. Depending upon contaminants present, soil may be managed as hazardous waste.
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