In a newly regulated emerging market like the cannabis industry, there are endless issues to address as a current/future operator. As cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, testing labs and event organizers, we all must be cognizant of the stringent expectations set forth by regulators. GAIACA’s realm revolves around cannabis waste. We offer cannabis waste collection services in California. The service side involves more than what a typical municipal waste hauler provides. We’ve highlighted the unique service differentiators below and also included some of our client reviews!

Cannabis Waste Collection Services in California: GAIACA Services And Review

Waste Management Plans

We create site-specific waste management plans to assist applicants in seeking a cannabis license. Waste management plans can be included in the application for local and/or State approval. We’ll assess and provide a written plan on the specific streams of waste generated, satellite accumulation sites, main waste storage areas, emergency spill plans, waste handling techniques, waste collection frequency, facility personnel designated to sign off on waste, registration and training requirements, etc.

Site Visits

We visit your facility to get an exact feel for your particular waste needs. There’s more to cannabis waste requirements than simply having it picked up. Operators must consider where their waste will be accumulated if it is actually byproduct instead of waste (which must be handled differently), what volumes are being accumulated… and much more. Each site is different, as is each industry vertical. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to cannabis waste. We’ll help you sort your waste needs!

Catered waste pick-up plans

We offer a la carte and subscription services. Our pick-up plans offer much more flexibility than the typical waste hauler. We drop-off fresh waste barrels and pick them up when they are full. Upon pick-up, we drop off fresh barrels and the cycle continues. Need extra barrels? No problem. Need multiple pick-ups during your harvest? We understand.

Understanding of the industry

We pride ourselves on our customer service, but just as importantly, our understanding of the industry. We understand that your waste streams will vary depending on the growing season, harvest, and other mitigating factors specific to the cannabis industry. We’ve incorporated extra levels of flexibility into our service model because this industry is unlike any other.


We divert well more than 90% of all cannabis waste away from landfills. We manifest and track all waste from cradle to grave. You can’t say that about the neighborhood trash collector. We’re proud to take a very sustainable approach to cannabis waste collection services.

Client Reviews of GAIACA


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If you’d like to speak with us directly about your cannabis waste needs, give us a call at 1-833-CAL-GAIA to speak with a GAIACA representative.