Cannabis Waste Management

From boutique family farms to vertically integrated MSOs GAIACA provides full suite cannabis waste management services for cannabis operators of all size and license types. Whether you’re starting the licensing process or fully operational GAIACA has a solution to make your cannabis waste management compliant and sustainable.


Preparation of a comprehensive Waste Management Plan (WMP) and drafting of Standard Operating Procedures detailing proper accumulation, handling, storage, labelling, documentation, treatment (onsite rendering), and disposal of regulated cannabis waste.
Provide lockable, properly UN-rated, DOT-approved containers for non-hazardous waste accumulation. Containers range from 64-gallon polyethylene rolling carts to 10-yard reinforced steel roll-off bins to 7-gallon ABS plastic chests.
Provide ancillary items such as container liners, waste labels, placards, dollies, secondary containment, hand tools, etc.
Subscription-based, routine, onsite waste management services. On-call and A La Carte (one- time) services are also available.
GAIACA Compliance Certification Program; Clients issued our Certificate of Compliance (COC) demonstrating compliance with Local, State, and Federal Waste Regulations.
Onsite services include sorting and separating of material for safe and efficient processing, separation from packaging (packaged product; if applicable), and rendering unrecognizable and unusable (manual; small volume & mechanical; large volume) with proprietary organic, biodegradable, and/or recyclable materials.
Onsite consulting services include initial and/or annual site assessments with waste evaluation. Services include Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) inspections, pre-OSHA audits, hazardous analysis and critical control point (HAACP), waste stream identification, characterization, and profiling, and waste management program development.
Transportation of rendered waste material for final disposal and/or recycling. Waste revitalized and diverted from landfill via composting, recycling, fuels blending, and waste-to-energy.
Service documentation utilized to verify compliance with waste regulations. Documentation includes Certificate of Destruction (COD), Waste Manifest, Bill of Lading, and Weight Receipt. Video surveillance via onboard vehicle cameras and law enforcement-grade personal body cameras, and portal-to-portal GPS reporting also included.