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Current Career Opportunities With GAIACA

Vision: Creating a beautiful experience in revitalizing waste for all.

Mission: To provide all operators with a sustainable solution for their regulated cannabis waste while operating compliantly within the State’s strict, regulatory framework.

GAIACA employees


For most waste companies, it is enough to take things to
the landfill. But at GAIACA, we pride ourselves in leading
sustainability through recycling efforts to achieve “zero
waste”. Based in Monterey, California, GAIACA’s mission
has no boundaries in spanning the presence across the
nation. With a committed vision backed by diversified
experiences and a robust team, GAIACA is leading, and
creating, the most compliant and responsible cannabis
waste solution.

The GAIACA Commitment

It is in our core to tenaciously take on new and
emerging waste streams, to assume responsibility
and investment risks in order to bank on the
environment, and to play a part in preserving what
we all have in common (our planet), that exemplifies
why the company name — GAIACA — aptly represents
a combination of “Mother Earth” (GAIA) and
California (CA).

The GAIACA Commitment

Expand With Us

As the leading cannabis waste company in the
Nation, GAIACA is looking for family members to
grow with us, with opportunities in facilities,
operations, marketing, materials science and

Our valued employees come from diverse
backgrounds and knowledge. GAIACA is committed
in providing employees every opportunity to learn,
create, and grow to the highest level of their ability
and potential. By joining GAIACA, employees
become part of a dedicated family that works
together in creating, and setting, the highest
standard for our emerging industry.