Lab Packing

Our lab packing services make even the most daunting lab cleanup a simple process. Over time labs collect small containers of various chemicals. Our experts will categorize, inventorize, and dispose of your waste compliantly and safely per all DOT and EPA regulations.


  • Onsite packing of accumulated, small volume chemicals for disposal. 
  • Provide lockable, properly UN-rated, DOT-approved container for lab packing. Typically, a 55-gallon steel drum, or 85-gallon steel drum for over-packing.
  • Onsite preparatory services include a thorough site assessment with waste evaluation. Waste is identified, categorized, and segregated into categories (i.e. flammable, acid, base, etc.). Creation of a detailed lab-pack inventory list.
  • Packing of chemicals into drums with absorbent substance via certified technicians.
  • Full drums are properly labelled, marked, and readied for transportation to a TSDF for final disposal.
  • Documentation of services via Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest to satisfy cradle-to-grave tracking requirements.
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