Certified Cannabis Product Destruction

Regulations require all cannabis products be rendered unusable and unrecognizable on-site in order to be disposed of as waste. GAIACA has developed processes to exceed these regulations utilizing our advanced equipment know how to compliantly and efficiently destroy thousands of units of packaged product per hour.


  • Onsite rendering (destruction) of packaged or expired cannabis product.
  • BCC-mandated destruction event due to product non-compliance.
  • Cannabis product rendered thoroughly unrecognizable and unusable via proprietary mechanical method, with packaging intact.
  • Cannabis product includes, but is not limited to, flower, pre-roll, concentrate (extract, oil, wax, rosin), solid edible (baked good, chocolate, gummy, hard candy), liquid edible (beverage, soda, elixir, tincture), topical (balm, lotion, oil, salve), vaporizer cartridge (no battery).
  • Transportation of rendered product to final resting site (compost, recycling, waste-to-energy, solid waste, etc.).
  • Documentation of service via Certificate of Destruction (COD), video surveillance, and portal-to-portal GPS report.
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