There are several ways to work with GAIACA to benefit from our leading cannabis waste management services. In addition to the cannabis waste related services we offer, we are always looking to form innovative and sustainable partnerships. 

Working With GAIACA: Services

GAIACA isn’t only a cannabis waste management service provider. We offer an array of complementary services such as:

Cannabis Waste Management Plans

GAIACA can provide written, site-specific waste management plans to assist applicants seeking a cannabis license.

Cannabis Waste Profiling

It is the responsibility of the operator to properly profile their waste streams. GAIACA is here to streamline that process for you and advise you on compliant disposal methods for your various streams of waste.

Hazard Analysis

Trained GAIACA technicians can conduct a facility inspection to identify potential hazards including, but not limited to, biological, chemical, and physical. Hazards are evaluated and reported to the client, with recommendations for remediation and preventative control.

Hazardous Waste Transport

GAIACA is an EPA-registered hazardous waste transporter and State-licensed type-11 cannabis distributor. We are able to consult on and service your hazardous cannabis waste.

Corrective Action Plans

If you find yourself in a situation where you are required to submit a Corrective Action Plan for failed cannabis goods to the California Department of Public Health, GAIACA can work with you on a special cannabis waste disposal plan.

Working With GAIACA: Partnerships

Our partnerships allow us to enhance our dedication to sustainable solutions for the cannabis industry. We’re able to rapidly scale sustainable initiatives with the help of our partners. We’ll be making an official announcement soon about a robust recycling initiative with one of our newest partners. So stay tuned!

Have a collaboration idea? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to speak about strategic partnerships.