At GAIACA, we believe in continually striving for sustainability and zero waste. Cannabis waste is a huge issue within our industry. We are California’s first properly licensed cannabis waste management company and we are here to provide solutions. We’re huge proponents of zero waste principles and practices, but what does that mean, exactly?

We’ve embraced Zero Waste Principles and Practice vis-a-vis the California Resource and Recovery Association (CRRA) in partnership with the Solid Waste Authority of  North America (SWANA).

The Zero Waste Principles & Practices certification course is a joint undertaking of SWANA and the California Resource Recovery Association. CRRA is dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability in and beyond California through Zero Waste strategies. SWANA, with its work in 45 chapters across the United States and Canada, is committed to educating professionals working in the industry and to moving the industry as a whole from a focus on solid waste management to resource management.

CRRA and SWANA focus on developing community-specific Zero Waste plans for reducing, reusing, and recycling materials found in municipal solid waste (MSW) generated from residential, commercial and institutional sources. We believe that applying these principles to the cannabis waste industry will only bolster the legitimacy of the industry as a whole while supporting the environment.

A look at our practices and how we’re embracing zero waste principles in the GAIACA process:

Zero cannabis waste



If you’re interested in looking into zero waste cannabis solutions, reach out! We provide a range of services that will help you create a more sustainable footprint, and responsibly and compliantly handle your cannabis waste.