Waste Management Services

Subscription with Gaiaca’s waste collection service or waste management services will ensure that your cannabis by-product is compliantly managed. 55-gallon polyethylene drums are placed in a secure location within your facility, separate from traditional waste bins. Full drums are removed on a weekly basis, with fresh, empty ones left in their place. All waste removed from your site will be thoroughly documented via waste manifest, requiring signatures from both facility management and Gaiaca transport technicians. Waste is tracked and traced from the point of generation to its final resting place, with the chain of custody issued to you as proof of disposal.

Non-hazardous and hazardous cannabis waste includes, but is not limited to, raw plant, trim, leaf, stem, soil/grow medium, extraction/distillation byproduct (oils, waxes, winterization), spent solvents/reagents, edible byproduct, contaminated material (failed lab testing), and expired goods, displays, etc.