Cannabis distributors in California are required to maintain a Type 11 License. The certification is issued and overseen by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), and it’s one of two distributor licenses in the state.

What Is a Type 11 License in California?

The Type 11 License permits California cannabis distributors to transport cannabis goods, arrange for the testing of cannabis goods, and conduct quality assurance reviews of cannabis goods to ensure that they comply with all packaging and labeling requirements.

The license should not be confused with a Type 13 License (Distributor Transport Only License), which permits licensees to transport cannabis to licensed cultivators, manufacturers, or distributors but does not permit the storage, handling, or testing of cannabis goods.

In addition to maintaining a Type 11 License, all authorized distributors in California must have a shipping manifest and maintain a CDTFA seller’s permit. All transport vehicles must also be equipped with an alarm system.

Do Cannabis Waste Management Companies Need a Type 11 License?

Cannabis waste management providers are no longer required to maintain a Type 11 License as of January 3, 2019. Prior to that date, a Type 11 License was required of any waste provider responsible for picking up unrendered cannabis product and transporting it to a processing facility on behalf of the creator.

But while the license is no longer a requirement for waste management professionals, it’s still imperative that all cannabis businesses work with an experienced disposal provider that understands the myriad regulations associated with cannabis waste management.

Look for vendors who provide:

  • Waste management plans that can be submitted to the State and incorporated into SOPs
  • Non-hazardous and hazardous waste management services
  • Environmental consulting including hazard analysis, OSHA compliance and more

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