Cannabis byproduct/product can be processed on-site or off-site into cannabis waste. State regulations dictate that cannabis products must be rendered unrecognizable and unusable to be considered cannabis waste. As you could imagine, most cannabis operators do not have the resources to render and process their waste on-site. Rendering and processing include composting, anaerobic digestion, recycling and more. 

Off-site Cannabis Waste Processing: Best Practices And Process

If rendering on-site and then self-hauling/utilizing a third party waste hauler is not a viable option for cannabis operators we suggest another option: off-site cannabis waste processing. Off-site waste processing alleviates the regulatory and financial headache presented by on-site waste processing. In addition to the typically addressed waste issues addressed by State regulation such as secured waste receptacles, waste under surveillance cameras and rendering unrecognizable and unusable, we’ve put together a list of off-site cannabis waste processing best practices and SOPs that we’ve identified during our journey as California’s first properly licensed cannabis waste management company.

1. Waste Logs

We cannot stress this enough. It is the responsibility of the operator to log the who/what/when/where in regard to waste logs. If you are audited, this integral information will be essential in proving regulatory compliance.

2. COAs & CAPs

For special waste pick-ups like cannabis product that has failed to test, it is important to go through the proper process. Corrective Action Plans must be approved by the California Department of Public Health. If the destruction of the cannabis product is the approved course of action, it is imperative that the operator include the Certificate of Analysis. GAIACA will provide the operator a Waste Manifest showing proof of compliant waste disposal and will also include the batch log and COA. GAIACA also sends this to the State on the operator’s behalf.

3. Licensed Third Party Cannabis Waste Service Provider

If you are processing your cannabis waste off-site, your cannabis waste service provider must have a Type-11 cannabis license. Service providers that do not possess a cannabis license cannot transport unrendered products from your site to their processing site. They are not compliant with State regulations and if you are audited you could be cited for improper disposal of waste.

In conclusion, extensive documentation is of the utmost importance as you navigate the regulatory maze. If you have any questions about off-site cannabis waste processing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.