We’re frequently asked about disposal best practices for non-compliant cannabis products. Waste disposal procedures vary depending on the situation. As an operator, you are likely experiencing one of two situations.

Non-Compliant Cannabis Product Disposal

1. Non-Compliant product leftover from prior to July 1st

If you are an operator that still has an inventory of non-compliant cannabis goods since July 1st i.e. non-compliant packaging, THC levels, etc. you must dispose of it. GAIACA’s a la carte or subscription waste management service is equipped to handle this on your behalf. We drop off empty secured containers for you to fill with your non-compliant product and then schedule a time to pick it up. We create a waste manifest upon pick-up and then transport the non-compliant product to our processing facility and render it “unrecognizable and unusable”. Finally, we send proof of regulatory compliance to the Bureau of Cannabis Control on the operator’s behalf, demonstrating waste compliance through GAIACA’s services.

2. Non-Compliant product that has failed laboratory testing post-July 1st

If you are an operator who has a cannabis goods batch that failed regulatory compliance testing there is an added step because of the involvement required with the California Department of Public Health. The requirements for a cannabis goods bach that fails regulatory compliance testing is as follows:

A failed cannabis goods batch may be remediated or destroyed if the licensed manufacturer or licensed microbusiness complies with the following:

– Prior to any remediation, the licensed manufacturer or licensed microbusiness must submit a corrective action plan to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) at RP.MCSB@cdph.ca.gov.

– CDPH will review and ultimately approve or deny remediation plans.

GAIACA works closely with the BCC and CDPH in the compliant disposal of non-compliant cannabis goods. We will document proper cannabis product disposal and send proof of waste compliance to the State on behalf of the operator.

Let us handle your non-compliant product disposal so you can do what you do best.