We’ve mentioned the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) before in our posts about Professional Bodies To Support Your Cannabis Business and the various events that we participate in annually. If you’re unfamiliar with NCIA and its mission, keep reading, because we’re here to tell you 3 compelling reasons why you should engage with NCIA to gain valuable industry insights!


Being a member of NCIA, and/or participating in NCIA sponsored events gives you access to a vast network of cannabis professionals. As a trade association, joining NCIA means being represented alongside hundreds of other responsible industry leaders committed to bringing about a legitimate and professional cannabis business community. This is the cannabis industry’s only broad-based effort to change federal law. By joining together and sharing ideas, best practices, and our networks, we increase the power of our new industry and demonstrates its legitimacy. You will have numerous opportunities to network with dedicated industry professionals working towards the same end goal.

Policy & Advocacy

This is an excellent perk for those in the industry that really want to get their hands dirty and be involved and have a voice. NCIA also has a PAC (Political Action Committee) for cannabis industry professionals and provides contributions to candidates for public office who support forward-thinking reforms that respect state cannabis laws and protect the legal industry. Like any other industry PAC, the NCIA-PAC is vital to the political future of the emerging cannabis sector and gives cannabis professionals a united voice in the political process.

Education & Industry Insights

It doesn’t matter what vertical of the cannabis industry you’re in, you will always find valuable nationwide industry insights. We really appreciate NCIA’s “Congressional Scorecard” which educates you on how members of Congress across the U.S. have voted on six key cannabis reform amendments, including medical marijuana programs, adult-use laws, banking access, and more. NCIA also regularly updates its site on current issues and laws and publishes white papers from their Policy Council members.

Equal parts trade association, think tank and lobbying group, the National Cannabis Industry Association is certainly a professional association that we recommend joining in able to stay in the know, have a voice and meet like-minded professionals.

You’ll find us at their flagship events in California such as the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, and the NCIA California Cannabis Business Conference.