When you sign up for GAIACA subscription services, you are also signing up for a guaranteed compliant and professional waste removal experience.

GAIACA Subscription Services: How Does It Work


To get started, simply inquire about our services with a GAIACA team representative via email or phone (833-CAL-GAIA). GAIACA will obtain information about your operations and draft a proposal for review. Once the operator has approved a proposal, the head of our logistics team will initiate services with the operator.


Firstly, GAIACA will conduct an initial site inspection to evaluate the operator’s needs and to help address an appropriate waste program. GAIACA will also help the operator profile the waste generated.

During this inspection, GAIACA will advise on a secure and appropriate location within the facility in which to store the drums. GAIACA’s hazmat-rated drums allow operators to easily and safely accumulate waste. All drums are non-reactive and air-tight to help with cannabis odor control.

After a site evaluation, GAIACA will create a site-specific Waste Management Plan, addressing all applicable local and state laws. This document can be submitted as part of the cannabis licensing applications.

GAIACA, properly licensed by the state, has the ability to give operators a Certification of Compliance. The certificate, which can be given to the state and posted in the operator’s facility, demonstrates compliant waste management practices.


Upon initiation, GAIACA will provide secure and lockable drums for cannabis waste accumulation. The price, quantity, and volume of drums provided depend on: (1) the type of operation, (2) the amount of waste you are generating and (3) what you and GAIACA agreed upon in the finalized proposal.

In accordance with GAIACA’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), technicians will service your facility in a safe, professional and efficient manner. Depending on what was agreed upon in the proposal, you could receive a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly service. It’s important to note that it is best to remove waste from the site more frequently than not, as it helps reduce risk time and allows efficient reporting to the state.

All cannabis byproducts must be transported with a cannabis distribution license. To remove cannabis byproduct from a licensed cannabis facility, the hauling company must have a cannabis distribution license. GAIACA is a properly licensed cannabis waste management company with State licenses to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous cannabis byproduct.

Once the waste is brought back to the facility, it is rendered “unusable and unrecognizable”. With the use of GAIACA’s industrial equipment and proprietary processes, all cannabis byproduct is blended and pulverized until it is neutralized cannabis waste.

GAIACA will complete a waste manifest upon collection of waste. GAIACA’s Waste Manifest will track the waste from its cradle (operator facility), through the rendering process (GAIACA’s facility), to its final grave (licensed compost/landfill facility). GAIACA will provide the operator with a copy of the manifest as a receipt of waste disposal.


With GAIACA, we are a one-stop-shop service. We will take care of the rendering, transportation and documentation processes so you can focus on what you do best!