We’re heading to LA at the end of this month to exhibit at an event organized by Marijuana Media. Their monthly Extraxx Event Series will focus on Distribution! This event is great for Brands, Distributors, Growers, Retailers, and Manufacturers.We’ll be there ready to answer your questions about cannabis waste management in Los Angeles. More details can be found below.

Cannabis waste management in Los Angeles

cannabis waste management los angeles

Event Description

The State of California has created a license category for Distributors bringing in a new way of doing business. Over 300 Distribution licenses have been issued – who are these companies? There are 9 types of companies that have added this license type, from Growers, Brands, Retailers and Delivery Services, to Security Firms and Waste Management companies, to pure-play Distributors who focus on compliant transport and tracking.

California’s Supply Chain is Reorganizing! Cannabis waste will need full accountability. Are you compliantly disposing of your cannabis byproduct and waste per California regulations? Are you on track with best house practices to breeze past July 1, 2018, with grace and poise? We will be exhibiting on 5/24 in Los Angeles for an event on “Distribution”. An expert panel will be speaking about “Getting ready for Track and Trace”, “Distribution + taxes” (who pays what to whom), and how to create winning relationships between Brands, Retailers, and Distributors.

We’d love to see you there. Please stop by and chat with us about cannabis waste solutions! Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly at info@www.gaiaca.com with specific questions anytime!

Event link for discount to attend, using code GAIACA.