Single-use plastics have undoubtedly captured the attention of the public and legislatures, but there are still many avenues of waste that have continued to fall beneath the radar.

One area of major concern is e-cigarettes, vape cartridges, and batteries. E-waste, in general, has grown into a massive industry, but it seems most companies and consumers haven’t yet realized the growing implications of improper disposal.


According to, the world produces close to 50 million tons of e-waste every year, and it has a significant impact on health; although it represents only 2% of the solid waste present in landfills, it accounts for up to 70% of the hazardous material there.

Manufacturers are producing sleek, attractive single-use products. Consumers love the look and the convenience, but these products are showing up on our shores and streets in growing quantities, catching cleanup crews and officials off guard.

So, why is nothing being done? It is a complicated problem that needs an easy to understand, reliable solution, available to both consumers and manufacturers alike. The true challenge lies within the waste being part recyclable, and part hazardous waste. Most major facilities are not yet prepared to deal with this multi-faceted challenge, nor the quantities they are beginning to arrive in. That results in hazardous e-waste being dumped into our landfills.

That is where we come in. GAIACA provides simple, easy to understand Waste Management Plans to all our customers, ensuring your waste (and your customers) is being managed and revitalized in an effortless and environmentally responsible manner.

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