Driver Technician

GAIACA is the Nation’s first licensed cannabis waste management company. By joining GAIACA, you will become part of the dedicated family that works together in creating, and setting, the highest standard for compliance and environmental sustainability for our emerging industry.

Mission Statement: GAIACA’s primary objective is to provide all cannabis operators with a sustainable solution for their regulated cannabis waste while operating compliantly within the State’s strict, regulatory framework.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Operate vehicles and equipment
  2. Conduct waste collection service
  3. Transport waste material to appropriate end facility

Additional Duties:

  • Complete daily vehicle/equipment pre-trip safety checks.
  • Proper use of vehicle Electronic Logging Device (ELD).
  • Receive and review daily Route Sheets and Work Orders.
  • Conduct routine waste collection service and all associated activities
  • Delivery of waste material to appropriate end disposal facility. Retrieval of any applicable weight tickets, receipts, etc.
  • Maintain personal tool kit.
  • Any additional duties requested by superior.


  • Communicate with Service Coordinator on any questions relating to Work Orders or Route Sheets.
  • Coordinate with Facility Technician on service-related item needs (i.e. rendering material, containers, etc.)

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