California cannabis regulatory policy progression was made this week at the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Cannabis Advisory Committee meeting held in Los Angeles on March 15th.

This was the first Cannabis Advisory Committee meeting since a series of two Cannabis Advisory Committee Subcommittee Meetings (February 13th & March 1st) focused on the verticals of cultivation, distribution, enforcement, equity, licensing applications, microbusiness, public health & youth, retail, and testing laboratories.

The Committee began receiving recommendations on the State Cannabis Licensing Authorities’ Regulations. Emergency regulations were in effect as of January 1, 2018. Final regulations are expected to be executed on July 1, 2018. The three State Cannabis Licensing Authorities are:

Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)
Purview: Retailers, Distributors, Microbusinesses, Testing Laboratories
Emergency Regulations Text

California Department of Public Health – Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (CDPH, MCSB)
Purview: Manufacturing
Emergency Regulations Text

California Department of Farming & Agriculture – CalCannabis (CDFA)
Purview: Cultivation
Emergency Regulations Text

Each Chair of the respective Subcommittees presented their Subcommittee policy recommendations to the greater Cannabis Advisory Committee. The Committee then voted on the recommendations of the Subcommittee(s). As an Advisory Committee, the CAC is charged with advising licensing authorities on regulatory policy within their purview to change. The CAC does not possess any statutory authority. As such, many of the proposed recommendations were not within the purview of the licensing authorities. However, some statutory changes were proposed and the CAC will ultimately be able to recommend legislative changes to the State. Regulatory and statutory recommendations that were on the agenda that were not addressed, will be addressed at the next CAC meeting, next month in Sacramento.

You can access the full agenda and meeting materials of the March 15th CAC Meeting here.

GAIACA attended the March 15th meeting in Los Angeles to stay up-to-date with regulatory policy recommendations and to stay aware of potential adjustments to the regulatory landscape. Cannabis waste was on the agenda on several occasions under various Subcommittees. If you have any questions regarding current cannabis waste regulation, or how it is evolving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly for a chat.